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Professional Level

For the bba & mba our aim to help all students achieve their potential by giving them encouragement, understanding and individualised attention. All the faculties of CAREER AVENUES institute are very hardworking and knowledgeable. CAREER AVENUES offers one on one tutoring or classed format with unique features which can help students maximise their academic potential. We strive to raise our students' aspiration and achievement levels by infusing them with enthusiasm for the subject, self-confidence, motivation and direction



For the btech Career Avenues committed to helping students succeed in their education. Tutoring is a great way for students to get their questions answered in a relaxed, personalized environment. Move at your own pace and tailor your education to meet your specific needs.



Career Avenues can be a more effective investment of time and effort than many hours in the classroom, library or conference . We secure the best possible results with maximum number of best grades and distinctions. Career Avenues have a loyal and long term tutor community. Our tutors have outstanding track records of success with our clients and we hold detailed performance reviews on the quality and results of their tutoring.

Under Graduate Courses