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Senior Secondary

These classes plays major role in deciding career of a student. After passing class X which is basic filler of a student, they enters in to a competitive world, where they will have to face major challenges of life which is about their career and its growth. At Career Avenues, we counsel students for benefits of opting Science & Commerce as per their choice and field of interest by analysing their academic background and capacity of performing these challenges. Course of Study: In Class XI & XII, we teaches and counsels for following subjects:

Science Department

• Physics


• Mathematics

# Biology

# Computer Science

Commerce Department



• Mathematics

• Business Studies

• Information Practice

CAREER AVENUES - Coaching & Tutorial

General Subjects (Languages)


• Hindi Special Features :

• Expert Panel :Full Time (10-7) faculty assistance.

• Ready to use comprehensive Contents (Study Material)

• Regular Tests & Assignment. Reports sent to Parents. PTM

Under Graduate Courses